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Tibet trekking is the best option if you are searching for heaven on the Earth and want to tour or a trek then you are in the right place .ie. Tibet Tour. Tibet is the most beautiful place which is located in the highest region of the earth with an altitude of  4,900 meters (16,000 ft). It is a suitable place for trekkings in Tibet and the best place for Tibet tours. Lasha is the capital of Tibet where over 800 settlements are living there. Most of the people living in Tibet follow Buddhism in other words we can say that Buddhism is the main religion, and besides this other religions like Christianity and Islam are also been followed by some people. We can see many varieties in Tibet trekkings. There are many places to visit in Tibet like Potala Palace, Norbulingka which where the resident of Dalai Lama, temples like Jokhang and Ramoche Temple, etc.  If you are willing for Tibet trekking and looking for Tibet tour packages then we are here to help you, you can book your Tibet tour packages from Ace Vision Treks and Tours at a reasonable price and get exciting offers too so hurry up and plan for a Tibet tour with us today!