What to do after arrival at Kathmandu Airport

What to do after arrival at Kathmandu Airport

What to do after arrival at Kathmandu Airport

Are you planning to travel and Trekking in Nepal and want to know What to do after arrival at Kathmandu Airport to spend your holidays then you are on the right track?  Nepal which is a small country is rich in its natural resources and the great Himalayas. And the famous part for which Nepal is quite renowned is Trekking. Nepal is known all over the globe for Trekking. From short to long, easy to difficult options for trekking in Nepal are available.

There are various modes of transportation available with which one can reach Nepal. But if you are planning to enter Nepal through the main way which is the Tribhuvan International Airport then it can be quite a daunting task. Like the other International Airports, Tribhuvan International Airport is not quite managed and systematic. So, with this article over here, we would like to inform and assist you with what should you do and prepare before arriving at the airport in Nepal. This article is here just to make your first airport visit to Nepal as hassle-free as possible.

Just a little patience

GNR’s smashing hit song Patience which was released way back in 1988 will surely echo in your mind since Tribhuvan International Airport is the area where you’re gonna need it the most. It is the only International Airport in Nepal and flights often come in volume. The same airport which was established decades ago has not been renovated properly which is the reason why it is quite unmanaged. Sorry for the bad news but this is the only main hurdle that you’re gonna be facing while you are in Nepal. So, it is advised for you to come with some extra patience while visiting Tribhuvan International Airport. Patience is a virtue, remember.

About Nepal VISA???

It will be a wise move if you apply and receive your visa before your arrival from the consulate of Nepal located in your country or the embassy. Seriously this will save you a lot of headaches since visa on arrival is quite a hassle process. For the ones who want visas on arrival first, they have to be well prepared. They should bring passport-size photographs and a pen that writes well since the airport doesn’t provide you with one. Once you arrive you immediately have to fill out the arrival form and visa application form and proceed to the visa payments line where you pay for your visa.
Detailed information on the Nepal Visa Information is on this link.

About Your Luggage

Nepal is a peaceful country full of friendly and welcoming people. But there are some exceptions that always give bad names to the Nepalese. Reports of some thefts and things going missing from the luggage bags often are heard but to what extent the case is true is unknown. But it is always good to be fully prepared. It is advised not to carry any valuable items in the luggage bag. And even if you have to carry those things then it is recommended to carry them in your carry-on bags or hard shell luggage bags which are quite strong to be tampered with.

Once you have your visa and it is relatively very easy to get out from customs. On your way out you’ll have your luggage checked through the scanner. Remember to show the airport guards the stickers on your luggage bag before you head out. Some people might offer to help you with your luggage but don’t let them do that they might ask for pay later. Just take care of your luggage yourself.
Means of Transport to your hotel
You have booked your travel with the travel and Tour Trekking Company in Nepal they will arrange almost everything after you arrive outside the airport. There will be taxis available outside the airport perimeter which will take you to your hotel’s location. Some of the hotels even provide pickup which will come quite handy after you arrive outside of the airport.