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Day Hiking in Kathmandu

Undeniable is the fact that Nepal is the best destination for adventure activities to the Himalayas, however, in the midst of such an adrenaline-induced conundrum; Kathmandu is not to be neglected. Kathmandu is a valley and offers plenty of destinations around its hills to take a pleasant walk in nature while being surprisingly close to the modern touch of luxury and ease.

Day hiking in Kathmandu is suitable for visitors in a time-crunch or simply in need of an easier trail to quench their thirst for natural wilderness. It is a different outlook from a hustle-bustle city to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Shivapuri hike in the Shivapuri National Park is the first one that many opt to go. While the hike goes along pleasant trails winding up and down with the curve of the lush hills, the hike also takes the hikers to remote locations within a short span of time to witness the typical Nepali lifestyle. Settlements are spread along the routes and occasional passer-by offer affectionate smiles to welcome them. The history and natural magnificence in the Dhulikhel Namobuddha hike are similarly enchanting. Revolving around Buddhist mythology, Namobuddha is an excellent destination to immerse in the natural beauty that the area offers. Phulchowki and Champadevi are famous among the locals to be the sites for receiving snow during the winter. They allow the aesthetic grandeur of the Himalayas on a platter to the ones undertaking the hike. The Nagarkot Changunarayan Hiking, on the other hand, reigns supreme on being a hiking destination with ample modern convenience as well as astounding views of a Himalayan panorama including Mt. Everest (8848m) and others in Manaslu, Annapurna, and Langtang ranges. The sunrise and sunset are especially mesmerizing from the viewpoint of Nagarkot hill. Even close to the capital, Changunarayan is yet another great destination for day hikes. The hike can also be continued to Nagarkot for that extra bit of Himalayan marvel. Based on the Hindu god Vishnu, Changunarayan is believed to date back to the 5th century and perfectly reflects the ancient culture and architecture. 

Also a great option for accommodating on the spare days after a long trip, day hikes capture the essence of short and sweet. Being of impeccable quality and standards, the day hikes in Kathmandu are glorious opportunities to gather the most of Nepal in a very short duration of time.