Manaslu Region

Manaslu (8163m), meaning ‘mountain of spirit’ in Sanskrit, is the eighth highest peak in the world lying in the Mansiri Himal range of the Nepalese Himalayan range. The Himalayan range north of the Gorkha district lies east of the famous Annapurna range. Manaslu region is mystical in nature partly to the aura emitted by the mountain itself and partly because of the numerous mentions in Hindu mythology.

Typically, the trips into Manaslu begin from the ancient town of Gorkha. The land of the mighty Gurkhas, as they are popularly known, the town is also of great historical essence due to the rise of the unification of Nepal by Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah. From, Arughat in Gorkha, the trips begin and head to the depths of Manaslu. Opened for trekking in 1992, Manaslu has everything that a traveling enthusiast desires; from pristine trails to astounding bio-diversity, high mountain passes to sublime views of the Himalayas themselves, and ancient culture to awe-inspiring hospitality. The villages like Bihi, Lho, and Samagaon are heavily influenced by the culture and lifestyle of the Tibetans which are also highly reflected in their religious rituals, monasteries, art, and culture. The trips reach their climax at the Larkya-La Pass at 5106 meters which offers views of Cheo, Annapurna, Himlung, and Kangguru ranges to name a few. However, Manaslu still accommodates a secluded region within its premise. Opened even recently for trekking in 2008, the Tsum Valley Trek is a gem of a destination. With antediluvian people and practices still prevalent in the region, Tsum valley is a bag full of enigmas. With the trails leading as far as the Tibetan borders, the trips are bound to introduce a hidden world, as some refer, to the travelers.

The entire Manaslu region is engulfed by the Manaslu Conservation Area making the trips here that much more fun. Rich in flora and fauna; an estimated 1500-2000 species of plants including medicinal herbs and aromatic plants, 110 species of birds, 33 mammals, 11 butterflies, and 3 reptiles have been recorded till 2016/17. The travels in this region are challenging but with an enriching experience of ethnic and cultural homestays and teahouses on the way.

Manaslu Circuit Trek, Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek, Larkya La Pass Trek, and Ganesh Himal Manaslu Trek are the major Trekking Packages in Nepal. This region is so special; one can explore the region’s ecosystem with an adventurous trekking trail which is one of the best alternatives to the Annapurna trekking trail as well. Similar to other Himalayan regions of the country, Manaslu is best traveled to during autumn (September to December) and spring (March to May). Then, the climatic conditions perfectly complement the needs of the travelers and offer pristine off-beaten trails and surreal views of the Himalayas.