Upper Dolpo Trek - 25 Days

  • Duration:25 Days
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Trip Grade: Moderate to Challenging
  • Max. Altitude: 5,350 meters
  • Starts at: Kathmandu
  • Ends at: Kathmandu
  • Best Time: March-may and September-November
  • Observe the ancient Bonpo religion
  • Experience the unique culture and way of life of the Dolpo
  • Relish the tranquil Phoksundo Lake surrounded by the majestic Himalayas
  • Trek through the off-beat trails oozing supreme beauty and bio-diversity
  • Visit some of the ancient monasteries of the region like Shey Gompa and Yangtsher Gompa

25- days Travel Package to Upper Dolpo Trek

Enclosed by the high Himalayas, the mystical land of Upper Dolpo Trek has been separated from the rest of the world for decades which has added to the thrill and charm the destination boasts of. The secluded part of Nepal finds its roots much closer to that of Tibet.

The rest of the nation as the culture, way of life, and dialect of the Tibetans are reflected in the local culture, and similar traces are seen in the religious practices of the locals. The region also counts as one of the remaining places where the ancient Bon Po religion is still observed.

The journey begins from the premium destinations of the valley as we tour the UNESCO world heritages before making our way to Nepalgunj and catching another flight to Juphal. The beginning of the trek sees us travel to Suligad Ghat for the first night on the journey.

Taking on the hamlets of Renje and Ringmo, we make our way to the tranquil Phoksundo Lake surrounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges. Trekking through Phoksundo Khola and Phoksundo Bhanjyang brings us to Kang La Pass (5350m) where we take time to visit the famous Shey Gompa.

Through the high mountain pass of Saldang La (5094m), the twisting Himalayan trail takes us to Namgung village. On to the hamlet of Saldang, we head towards the Yangtsher Gompa. Making our way through the culturally enriched hamlet of Sibu we reach the Jeng La Pass located at an altitude of 5220m.

Reaching Dho Tarap we take a day off before descending all the way down to Tarap Khola. Continuing our descent, we make our way through the pleasant hilly landscapes adorned with lush green forests crossing the hamlets of Khanigaon and Tarakot as we head back to Juphal ending our trek.

At Local Tour Trekking Company, we make sure for you to have a fully satisfactory journey. Trekking in the isolated Dolpo region requires expert guides and local knowledge. We offer a local guide for the entire Upper Dolpo Trek along with excellent services for transportation and accommodation.


Your arrival in Nepal kicks off with an introduction to the Ace Vision Treks Company staff who will receive you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Thereafter, you will head to your hotel, rest, and unpack. In the evening, explore thamel yourself.

  • Max. Altitude:1, 300 m.
  • Accommodation:Hotel

The day begins early as we make our way to Swayambhunath enjoying the tranquil atmosphere surrounding the temple. The sacred place of both Hindus and Buddhists boasts stunning views of the valley from up above. Heading down, we make our way to Pashupatinath decorated by thousands of pilgrims. Later, on the tour, we explore the famed Kathmandu Durbar Square before ending the day at Boudhanath with its surreal sunset views.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Max. Altitude:1, 300m.
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast

After breakfast, we fly out of the valley heading towards the city of Nepalgunj. Heading west, the flight heads over a diverse set of landscapes from the disappearing hills to the lush green forests which decorate most of the Terai. The rest of the day is spent exploring the city of Nepalgunj and the diverse cast of culture and population it boasts.

Overnight stay at Nepalgunj.

  • Max. Altitude:150m
  • Accommodation:Motel

The day begins with an early morning flight as we depart from Nepalgunj to the town of Juphal (2,475m). Taking a quick break, we begin our trek heading towards Suligad Ghat. Descending through the terraced farmlands takes us to the sandy banks of the Thulo Bheri River beyond which the culturally enticing Shey Phoksundo National Park begins. Reaching the banks of Suli Khola, we continue alongside the river all the way to Suligad Ghat.

Overnight stay at Suligad Ghat.

  • Max. Altitude:2, 070m.
  • Time:2-3 hours
  • Accommodation:Teahouse

Heading out of the hamlet of Suligad Ghat, we make our way toward Renje. Our second day on the trail and the journey is already governed by solitude for the most part with very few trekkers and local people being the exception. Enjoying the trans-Himalayan ecosystem the region is well known for, we make our way to enjoy the lush green forests ending at Renje.

  • Max. Altitude:3,010m.
  • Time:5-6 hours

Today, we make our way towards the hamlet of Ringmo while also visiting the mesmerizing Phoksundo Lake. The trail is quite easy as we continue our journey through the dense forests toward the opening valley. The trail takes us all the way to Ringmo (3,640m) beyond which we ascend through the rocky Himalayan pathways all the way to the tranquil Phoksundo Lake.


  • Max. Altitude:3, 620m.
  • Time:5-6 hours

On the first of our rest days, we take a day off for exploring both Phoksundo Lake and Ringmo Village. The day begins with the stunning views of the sunrise over the snowy white Himalayas as we enjoy the tranquil Phoksundo Lake. The crystalline lake with its icy shores is the perfect place to view the majestic Himalayas. Taking some time off, we also descend to Ringmo village to get better acquainted with the local culture.

    Heading towards the west, we make our way out of Phoksundo Lake and continue the journey away from the comfort of the lush green forests and through the winding pathways of the rocky Himalayas.

    Enjoying the Himalayan panorama, the trail takes us through countless mountain passes and suspension bridges dating back years which also goes to show the true remoteness of our journey. The final stretch of the journey brings us to Phoksundo Khola where we set our camp.

    • Max. Altitude:3, 640m.
    • Time:4-5 hours

    On the level with the stunning glacial valley, the trail takes us towards the north as we wrap up the camp at Phoksundo Khola and set off on our journey. Crossing the wooden bridge over the Phoksundo Khola, we are blessed with stunning views of Mt. Chamlang (6,739m) and Peak 7 (6,105m) as we make our way through the steep ravines. Ascending for the final hour brings us to Phoksundo Bhanjyang.

    • Max. Altitude:4, 120m.
    • Time:6-7 hours

    Today, we make our way all the way to Shey Gompa which rests on the foothills of the Crystal Mountain by crossing Kang La Pass en route. Located at an altitude of 5,350m, the high mountain pass is also the highest point of the altitude of our entire journey. Navigating past the icy pathways while enjoying the views of the Dhaulagiri ranges, the journey takes us through breathtaking a Himalayan panorama. Crossing the Kang La Pass (5350m) we reach Shey Gompa.

    • Max. Altitude:4,343m.
    • Time:5-6 hours

    On the second of our rest days, we take time off for acclimatizing and journeying around the Shey Gompa. The monastery boasts ancient artifacts belonging to the Bonpo religion as one of the few remaining places where the religion is still in practice. The monastery is also famous for its setting; located on the foothills of Crystal Mountain which sees pilgrims make the difficult journey to the region for circumambulating the Himalayas.

    Overnight stay at Shey Gompa.

      Back on the trail, today, we make our way across the second of the mountain passes on the journey. Sele La (5,096m), located at an altitude of 5096m, is one of the most dramatic and challenging mountain passes of the entire journey. The mountain pass also boasts captivating Himalayan views in equal measure. Heading out of Shey Gompa, we make our way ascending to Sele La admiring the stunning Himalayan views before descending to Namgung.

      Overnight stay at Namgung.

      • Max. Altitude:4,430m.
      • Time:6-7 hours

      As we begin our descent heading out of the valley and down towards the hamlet of Saldang, the majestic Himalayas continue to provide a surreal backdrop to our day's journey. The hamlet of Saldang is also the final hamlet of the Inner Dolpo circuit and once was a prominent trading post with Tibet which also explains the strong impact of Tibetan dialect, culture, religion, and way of life. Perched high above the Namga Khola stream, the hamlet boasts stunning cultural and natural beauty.

      • Max. Altitude:3, 620m.
      • Time:4-5 hours

      The journey heading out of Saldang takes us north beginning the ascent to Yangtsher Gompa. The trail is a lovely one as it heads through the stunning Himalayan landscapes avoiding the steeper sections. Crossing the hamlets of Marang and Kaigaon, the trail takes us to the tributary of the Panjyan River before diverting towards the east. The monastery at Yangtsher also takes after the Bonpo religion as it is still practiced strongly here.

      Overnight stay at Yangtsher Gompa.

      • Max. Altitude:4,960m.
      • Time:4-5 hours

      The journey once again takes us back to the hamlet of Saldang as we head out of Yangtsher Gompa descending through the windy pathways adorned with Mani walls and Chortens. Heading down through the monastery at Chaiba, the trail takes us to the hamlet of Namdo perched high above the Nam Khong River. The trail then continues to descend all the way down to the river bank and continues alongside it to reach Sibu.

      • Max. Altitude:4,560m.
      • Time:6-7 hours

      The final few days of the trek commence as we make our way heading toward Jeng La Phedi in preparation for our final mountain pass crossing. The trail leading away from Sibu takes on the rocky Himalayan pathways continuing alongside Nagon River towards the east. Heading away from the river, the trail takes us towards pasture lands as we set up camp for the night at the Jeng La Phedi.

      • Max. Altitude:4, 700m.
      • Time:5-6 hours

      The final of the mountain passes as we make our way to Dho Tarap crossing the stunning Jeng La Pass (5220m). Taking on the challenging icy pathways of the Himalayas, the trail blesses us with exquisite views of the Himalayas with its glistening summits. Enjoying the glamorous views from the summit, the trail takes us to the valley of Dho Tarap.

      • Max. Altitude:3, 944m.
      • Time:6-7 hours

      In the final of our acclimatization days, we take time to explore the naturally stunning hamlet of Dho Tarap. The region houses a cluster of houses saddled with unique round stones and also has a Bonpo monastery. The region is also culturally packed with the local Dolpo people and the Magar tribe forms the major part of the thin population of the region. We also head towards the local viewpoints for enjoying the views of the Himalayas alongside the valley.

      Overnight stay at Dho Tarap.

        Heading out of the valley, we make our way through the narrow trail alongside the sandy banks of Tarap Khola as we begin our journey down towards Kamakharka. The decreasing altitude is reflected in the changing landscapes as lush green forests envelop the hilly trail. Heading out of the Dolpo region and making our way through the ravines of Tarap Khola, we reach Kamakharka setting up camp for our stay.

        • Max. Altitude:3, 800m.
        • Time:6-7 hours

        As we prepare to exit the Dolpo region the trail today takes us all the way down to Khanigaon. The trail is a lovely one as we carefully navigate through the gorges of Tarap Khola and often map pathways where the human company is rarely present. The journey also boasts beautiful natural landscapes alongside the rural hilly culture to Khanigaon where we set our camp.

        • Max. Altitude:3, 150m.
        • Time:5-6 hours

        Today, we make our way to Tarakot(2,537m) and then continue on to Dunai. Descending through the terraced farmlands from Khanigaon, we reach Kolagaon from where we continue alongside the sandy banks of the River. Alongside the rapids of the Bheri River, the trail takes us to Tarakot. Crossing the hamlet of Byasgad, the trail reaches Dunai.

        • Max. Altitude:2,030m.
        • Time:5-6 hours

        The final day of the trek and it is a short one as we make our way out of Dunai beginning our journey towards Juphal. The journey heads alongside the banks of the Bheri River crossing the hamlets of Dhupi Chaur, Rupagad, Kalagauda, and Motipur en route to Juphal. The trail is much more crowded down here as locals often use the way for trading goods and provisions for the inner Dolpo circuit.

        • Max. Altitude:2, 475m.
        • Time:3-4 hours

        The day begins early as we head back to Nepalgunj from Juphal. Enjoying the aerial Himalayan landscape, we descend to the city of Nepalgunj where after a brief rest we fly back to Kathmandu. Back in Kathmandu, we head directly to the hotel where after a lovely lunch you are free to use the rest of the day as you see fit.

        • Max. Altitude:1, 300m.
        • Accommodation:Hotel

        Occasionally the flights heading out of Juphal get canceled due to bad weather for which a day off is separated for contingency purposes. If everything goes according to plan the reserve day will be your departure day or schedule it for sightseeing.

          An Ace Vision Treks Company representative will escort you to the Tribhuvan International Airport. We wish you a safe flight and hope to see you again if you choose Nepal for your holiday trips.

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