Contributions Local Community

Ace Vision Treks is a newly rising and established company, aiming to support education in every way possible. Considering the Morden need for education and its importance, we have started volunteer programs for local communities in remote areas. Another motive for the contribution is to encourage children to attend school and spread awareness.

Education has prior importance in a human life to grow and differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. In areas where it lacks government reach, we are seeking to help enthusiastic students with their future.

We distributed down jackets and stationery items to students at Shree Ganesh Primary School of Dobhan in Gorkha district, which is in Manaslu Region. Considering the cold weather in that period we decided to help in the most suitable way possible.

Let’s, get together and help the children in need and make the world a better place. If you are interested in such projects, you can contact us anytime. Our small helping hands can encourage the children’s brighter future!

Why support local communities?

Supporting local communities can encourage, motivate, and improve living of the locals.

What are the volunteer activities?

There are a variety of volunteer activities you can engage in. such as:  Awareness programs, Teaching volunteer, Extracurricular volunteer programs, English learning volunteer programs. 

How to volunteer in Nepal?

You can volunteer in Nepal by cooperating with funding organizations like Ace Vision Treks company.

How do we cooperate with local communities?

You can personally contact us, and we will further manage contracts with authorities of remote regions.

Who can support local communities?

Anyone willing to support local communities can participate in volunteer programs. You can be an undergraduate, graduate, or retired person.


In 2019 when there was a huge pandemic COVID-19, tourism in Nepal suffered a huge loss. Our plan to perform volunteer programs for local communities remained pending.

As tourism in Nepal is slowly growing again, we decided to start our funding programs. Ace Vision Treks and Tours believe even a small act helps both country and community.

Let’s work together and help each other!