Our Team

Mr. Ganesh Adhikari


A founder, a leader, and a visionary! These might rarely introduce the ravishing Ganesh Adhikari. Still, in his early 30s, Mr. Adhikari has shown great composure and leadership to lead Ace Vision Treks and Tours. His humble personality and great response to the challenges have been instrumental to the company taking such heights. A well-trained trekking guide, Mr. Adhikari has also been a trip-leader on a fair share of occasions. Apart from having his expertise in the fields of travel, he is also adept at the usage of modern applications that help to improve the level of experience of clients and the quality of services offered by the company. 

His extensive travels around Everest, Annapurna, Mustang, Manaslu, and Langtang regions among others have also helped us to create newer routes and do so with great precision as well. All in all, Ganesh Adhikari is an all-rounder and inspires the members of Ace Vision to have traits similar to that of his. Never compromising in quality, Ganesh is a leader and a dear friend to all those in Ace Vision.


Mr. Santosh Dhakal

Administrative Head, Kathmandu

What is better than a founder of great vision and leadership? Two such personalities! Santosh Dhakal, the other half of the company, perfectly complements Mr. Adhikari and excels on forte of his own. With over 5 years of experience as a professional trekking guide, Mr. Dhakal brings sublime tactical expertise in the company. 28 years of age and Santosh has garnered his skills as a hard-worker demanding the same from his employers as well. Maintaining a professional demeanor and a heart-warming environment for the staff to work, Mr. Dhakal has been at the heart of the plans and actions that are taken.

Also having had travel affairs to Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and almost most of the prominent tourist zones of Nepal, Mr. Dhakal also speaks his thoughts while deciding the course of action to create a perfect route for tourists. Ace Vision and Nepali Tourism are truly blessed to have a gem with us. 

Mr. Dennis Albert & Mrs. Franziska Sangals

Website designer and Director of Operations, Germany

Mr. Dennis Albert & Mrs.Franziska Sangals are Germans citizenship holder and they are a web designing and Businessmans. They trekked with us in Nepal ages ago and they gave us idea to start our own business for Tourism sector in Nepal with good services. Dennis & Franziska are ideal and back bone of our company because they designee our Business website at begin for us.

They arealso keeping to update and advise us about the online progress for website as well they are  updating database as needed and developing designee of this website.They are very good adviser for Marketing, trip packaging, Managing and communications. Dennis & Franziska are highly recommended for us in their's blogs and to their friends and relatives.

Mr. Manoj Panta

Web designer & IT Manager/Operator, Kathmandu

Mr. Manoj Panta is burning passion on the IT. On his passionate hands on the keyboard mainly. Updating himself with the fastest growing technology, Mr. Panta is a key member of the group. He is a medicine for experience a digital problem. He is belongs to Gorkha district and been this field for 14 years.

Mr. Panta is providing vital services to our organization. They can do lots of work from updating our database to present simple as well as clear and attractive interface to all clients. Mr. Panta is demanding to others many different companies due to the perfection work and his ability.  With his pressuring demand to work for others, he is providing services by many employees through Third eye System. He has taken responsible to keep our online service running and effective.

Mr. Bhuwan Thapa Chhetri

Accountant/ Audit reporter , Kathmandu

Mr. Bhuwan Thapa Chhetri is a graduate of Business Administrative Management (BBS) he is now studying for his Masters in MBS with specialism in finance and marketing. Mr. Thapa originates from the western Reason of Nepal. He is very friendly with a warm smile and now firmly based in Kathmandu. Mr, Bhuwan manages daily (day to day) accounts along with the business development management. He appreciates working for a company with clear goals.

Mr. Thapa, he is also help for auditing report to government departs belong this company. He is very talented and sensitive human. His sense of humor and personality always give different types of energy to all staff who work in this company.

Mr. Azar Abu Seman

Advisory and Manager of Malaysian sales and operations

Mr. Azhar Abu Seman has been part of Ace Vision Treks & Tours after completing his trek in different regions of Nepal. As an enthusiastic traveler, he has travelled to various part of Nepal. He is now well acquainted with the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu region of Nepal.


Passionate about nature and travel, Azhar Abu loves outdoor adventures. Being our sales director, his favorite task is to help travel lovers arrive Nepal to embark their long anticipated adventure. Originally from Malaysia, He has knowledge of English, Hindi and Malaysia. He is kind hearted and friendly by nature, therefore travelers find it easy to make their trip simple.

Ms. Holly Andrews

Adviser and director of operations, United Kingdom

In 2017, Mrs. Holly Andrews arrived in Nepal and she spent almost two weeks, travelling and trekking as a solo travelers. This was meant to be first of her several jaunts to Nepal. Her love and compassion for the mountains, the people and the country has never ended.

As possible she wants to spend at least one month for Annual in the Himalayas. During her annual visit she got to know Santosh personally. She always book on Ace Vision Treks and Tours.

Mr. Mario L gong

Sales Operator & Representative, Mexico

Mr. Mario L gong is working with Ace Vision Treks and Tours as a Sales Operator & representative of America. He decided to Promote Ace Vision Treks & Tours after his visiting in Nepal with us. Gong loves to learning languages, destinations, People and immersing himself in different cultures. He speaks English, Spanish and French.

Mr. Mario has been promoting Ace Vision Treks & Tours around Mexico and USA for people who would like to travel to Nepal for Trekking, Hiking, Sightseeing and other adventure trips she is been working with us, when it’s establishment.  

Mr. Passang Dorji Tamang

Operation in-charge, Thimpu Bhutan

Associated with Bhutan’s tourism industry for the last five years, Passang Dorji Tamang’s relation with tourism began as he joined the Bhutanese infant Tourism industry as a tourism student and guide. His bond with tourism industry grew over the years, and today he is capable to manage all Tours in Bhutan.

Tamang is belongs to Tamang community Thimpu Bhutan. He is continuously exploring and documenting the Bhutan. He is sharing his knowledge and experiences to all visitors. While you are travelling in Bhutan, he is always there for your assistance help.  

Mr. Saroj Dhakal

Air Ticketing Manager/ Feet Manager, Kathmandu

Saroj Dhakal qualified on Business studies and Law in Bachlour degree in Tribhuwan university. He is assigned with the job of issuing the ticket for all the domestic and international flights. Mr. Dhakal keeps records of the flight dates and details of all our customers and he ensures that everything is maintained properly. This gentleman is there to make sure that you get the best possible flight at the minimum fare on the available date. He also works to ensure the proper organization and operation of our fleet. 

We have been able to get tickets in special rate from the airlines, due to our volume clients for air tickets. We share that privilege to our valued customers also so that we could provide the plane tickets at a further lower price and boost our customer relations. Dhakal is always willing to ensure that you can travel easily.

Ms. Sita Tamang

Reservation Operation/Travel Planner, Kathmandu

Sita has got a Bachelor degree qualification in travel and tourism faculty. She is a Management Graduate with an experience in Clients support. She has been associated with us as connected personnel since 2017. She looks over reservations, provide trip information to our clients, trip itineraries are followed up and listen to clients clearly. She is always there to ensure clients satisfaction and answer of all questions of travelers.

She is very careful person in her duty including managing fleet service and Hotel reservations too. Sita is very friendly girl; she is good making a good relationship with people and connects with them. She has very good sense of humor and she understands to people very well. She is providing well service to clients and making them satisfy. We really glad to have her in our company.

Mr. Hari Prasad Dhakal

Trekking Leader


Hari Prasad Dhakal is from Solukhumbu District .He is a qualified guide trained by Ministry of Tourism with more than 20 years of experience in this ground. He has fully qualified for tourism requirement. As a field trek escort, he always stays focused on travelers’ satisfaction. 

Hari with his extensive experience in trekking industry is considered as the expertise of Annapurna, Langtang and other remote regions of Nepal. He believes that excellent services lead to good recognization of the company in the market. Mr, Dhakal after spending time in India as a worker he learn many things about international behavior and hospitality then, choose the tourism field so that he can do something to explore the beauty of Nepal by satisfying the visitors through good service.

Mr. Tek Prasad Adhikari

Trekking Leader/Mountain Guide, Gorkha

Mr. Tek Prasad Adhikari has been guiding and trekking since 1990 and has earned very high marks while working with Ace Vision Treks & Tours. He is from Gorkhar district in Province number 4. He has done various treks such as Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Manaslu Region, Mustang Region, Dolpo Region, Kanchenjunga Region and many more Regions.

Mr. Aang Dawa Sherpa

Trekking Guide, Solukhumbhu-Lukla

Mr. Aang Dawa Sherpa has been guiding and trekking since 1999. And he associated with us since 2016 and has earned high marks while working with Ace Vision Treks & Tours. He is from Solukhumbhu region (Khumbu Region) of central Nepal, but he is most often in the Everest Region leading treks to Base Camp.

Mr. Indra Bahadur Baram

Trekking Guide

Indra Baram is a dynamic, enthusiastic and committed trekking guide of our company since 2010. He has accomplished the trek guide course successfully organized by the Government of Nepal. He is well familiar with the cultural and natural diversity of Nepal.

He has sounds knowledge and experiences for all Mountains Trails like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mustang and most of the Trails. While serving inner part of the organization he deals with all sort of task easily. He is the older employee of our company who provide the excellent service to the guest and guests are always happy with his services.