Communication Sources in Nepal

Are you travelling in Nepal? So how to Communicate with your families and friends?

Nepal is known as Himalayan country all around the world. Trekking is the most famous adventure outdoor activity.

While trekking to the Himalayas of Nepal there are different communication sources according to the trekking destinations.

Sources of communication available during the trek are:

1. Ntc (Nepal Telecom)

2. Ncell

3. Wi-fi

Majorly used communication technology in the trekking trails are NTC and Ncell SIM cards. Network availability of both SIM differs from place to place. Some of the trails doesn’t provide Ntc/Ncell network and some of the trails provide both of them.

In the popular routes, there is Wi-Fi for communication. So, you don’t need to worry about network problems.

For example:

Major Routes Everest region provide Ncell network and Wi-Fi,

Routes of Annapurna and Manaslu region support Ntc (Nepal Telecom) SIM cards.