Mustang, top 52 Places to travel in 2024 by The New York Times

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Mustang, top 52 Places to Travel in 2024 by The New York Times is listed on January 8, 2024. The New York Times is a massive, trusted platform for daily news sources with 9.41 million digital-only subscribers.

Being recognized as one of the top places in 2024, It is a New year with new inspiration for the Nepal tourism industry. The long-called forbidden kingdom (Mustang) has already lived up to another title. One of the must-visit destinations in 2023 according to CNN-US Based Cable News Network

Online Khabar posted on January 2- Over 90,000 tourists visited Mustang. Where, 72,190 visitors from SAARC countries and 18,166 from others.

There is no doubt Mustang is positioned in the honored title. It is one of the most astonishing destinations to visit. As mighty as the name sounds, it means ‘plain of aspiration’ according to Tibetan.

Mustang is the 5th largest district and is the second least populated region of Nepal. The remote place is also known as the country behind the shadows of mountains (Himal Pari ko desh). What is behind the shadows of the great towering mountains? 10,000 human-made caves? How do people survive there? The deepest gorge in the world? Founding of mummified human bodies? All in Mustang? Yes, amazing right?

Want to explore more? Explore the hidden treasures by choosing a tour or trek within the Mustang region through Ace Vision Treks and Tours. What is in Mustang that is so attractive? Mustang is an escape to the history and old times where everything is modernized in the world right now. It takes you thoroughly to the untouched valleys, unexplored mysteries, and uncontaminated vegetation.

Unravel the former Lo kingdom with the oldest monasteries, Mani walls, deepest gorge, suspension bridges, and thrilling passes. Explore the oldest villages, lakes, caves, and the beautiful culture of the locals.

The mystic place once served as a trade route between Nepal and Tibet. Presents Great historical and cultural significance with many offerings for fellow travel lovers that are beyond belief.

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From a trade center to the best places to go in 2024

The journey of Mustang in tourism started way before the realization of actual human touch. Unique aroma of the region comes from its richness in history, culture, and the most unique geography in Nepal. The atmosphere of the mighty place takes you through a journey of unforgettable experiences with timeless memories.

The region used to be a trading place between Tibet and Nepal. Exchanging of salts and grains was done when the residents of both Tibet and Nepal traveled through Mustang. Therefore, the settlement mixed into the region that follows Tibetan Buddhism majorly. The traditional cultures and the monuments preserving old Tibetan arts and practices are one of the pull factors of tourists.

The hidden value of the Mythic place was portrayed after the region was partially opened for tourism in 1992. The ancient values and practices are properly displayed by the region which is beyond the advanced mind.

What to do in Mustang?

 Upper Mustang trek

The Upper Mustang Trek is a popular and must-do-in-a-lifetime activity that connects the region to travelers. It is a moderate to difficult trek, performed within the largest protected area in Nepal (Annapurna conservation area). The trekking takes place in the northwestern region of Nepal with trans-Himalayan factors.

Route of Upper Mustang Trekking

The trek starts with the drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara, a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom to Kagbeni. And the waiting trekking journey starts.

You trek through Chele along with the magnificent view of Nilgiri racing with the deepest gorge in the world (Kali Gandhagi).

Trek through Syanbochen, and Tsarang, along with the thrilling passes present in Mustang. Enjoy the striking views of Tilicho and Damodar Dada.

Trek through Dhakmar, ghilling, and Samar connecting with the village lives. Let yourself melt within the beautiful smiles and hopeful eyes of the residents of the region.

Feel the beautiful aura of the souls within the region. Then Descend to Kagbeni by trek, then to Jomsom and Kathmandu.

Take timeless memories with yourself. For a detailed itinerary visit us.

Mustang trek difficulty

Is Upper Mustang Trek suitable for beginners? The trek is suitable for both beginner and experienced trekkers. However, being mentally and physically prepared can be helpful. We at Ace Vision Treks and Tours recommend travelers to be physically and mentally fit for a better travel experience.

To be physically prepared, practices like short hikes, breathing exercises, and long walks can be done. For being mentally prepared, can check our upper Mustang trek blog for detailed information before the actual trek.

Best time to do Upper Mustang Trekking

There are 4 seasons in Nepal, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Mustang trekking is an all-rounder trek that can done any time in the year. However, spring and autumn are again winners for the best time to do the trek.

Spring season in Nepal starts in March and ends in May. Whereas the Autumn season starts in September and ends in November.

What is special about the trek in spring and autumn? During spring, the lower Mustang portrays vibrant colors contrasting with the vibrant vegetation. The weather is favorable for the trekkers in spring. As well as autumn in Mustang comes with clear weather with clear skies. The visibility of the unique landscape becomes more attractive and eye-catching.

Can we trek Upper Mustang in the monsoon? Yes, can also be performed in monsoon as Mustang only gets little rainfall. After the light rain, feel the refreshing aroma coming from the uniqueness of the region. Unlike other trails, the paths are not much attacked by the rain and are possible to trek with less crowd.

The scent of fresh soil, and fresh mud after the rain recreates memories through the cool refreshing breeze and stunning landscape.


Mustang, top 52 Places to Travel in 2024 by The New York Times in January. The region securing its position in the greater tourism sector has planted a continuity of hope and courage. Mustang had greater things to provide that were unexplored and still are to be explored. From the deepest gorge flowing to the oldest kingdom with the oldest monuments underlying the great history is an opportunity.

Opportunity to reshape your mindset!

Opportunity to explore back to history before it gets lost in the modern contamination!

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