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Village Tourism in Nepal !

A recent initiative to help thrive and develop rural villages in Nepal, Village Tourism has taken flight and the momentum that it is gathering is massive. With the majority of the population living in rural areas, village tourism has garnered great prospects for the development of those regions. It basically gives you the opportunity to participate in a rural lifestyle and helps.  You the escape in the dazzles of modern life and take you to the solitude of the utmost quality. This form of tourism is acknowledged widely as it helps shape up the rural society in both social as well as monetary ways. The hearty behaviors of the family members of the villages will provide you with a completely different and delightful experience. While you help the villages to be independent and responsible for their own good, you also get the most authentic Nepali experience. Interact with the locals and live their life. Work on fields and gather firewood, smell dirty for once and taste the food of your gathering. Village Tourism is not just an opportunity to help others; it is also the journey to know yourself far from the usual drama surrounding the technology-driven world.

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