Volunteer Tourism


While many fancy traveling solely to deviate from a normal routine and venture into nature, there is a cohort that prefers to travel and help others at the same time. This very need has resulted in the advent of Volunteer Tourism. Volunteer Tourism basically includes tourists going on vacations with a mission of helping out in a particular project or a certain target area. The main goal here is to help the people who are in need of service in the social and economic aspects of society. Nepal, largely a developing country, is built with societies and populace which are relatively distant from the normal conventions of modernization. On top of that, natural disasters like landslide and earthquakes have made daily life in rural areas harsher than usual.  Thus, Volunteer Tourism has now become one of the best and effective ways to contribute and rebuilt the remote communities in this Himalayan nation.

Prince Harry UK: In 2015 Nepal is effected by earthquake. Prince Harry come to Nepal and he played very big role to help people. He did volunteer in Gorkha, Lamjung, Tanahun and others many district for more-less two weeks. 


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We regularly run different volunteer tourism packages around Nepal. If you are interested to join us in our volunteer tourism promotion trip packages, please contact us at https://www.acevisiontreks.com/contact-us/  for more details.