8 Reasons You Should Hire Trekking Guide in Nepal

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  • Last Updated on Apr 24, 2024

Trekking guide valued while trekking to the Himalayas. Why? Trekking guide is a specialist in hiking trails. Off-beaten trails are compulsory to have a trekking guide to ensure safety of the trekkers. How to hire a trekking guide? You can hire trekking guide by co-operating with the travel agents.

There are several reasons you should hire a trekking guide in Nepal. Here, are the major reasons why to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

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Local Empowerment

Hire trekking guide in Nepal increases job opportunities and safe travel experience in the Himalayas. It provides value to knowledge of local people and provides local terms and conditions. A Trekking Guide is key to your adventure or cultural tours. 

Destination Direction

Trekking is fun unless you get lost in the woods and there is no one to help. Restricted trekking trails that are hard to recognize and cause loss of time with uncomfortable experiences.

Having a trekking guide by your side is helpful as they are well-known about the route. Guides lead the way through correct direction and the trail. It saves your time and declines chances of you getting lost.

Why Trekking Guide

Still scrolling pages of map for more information? Trekking Guides are open guidebooks. They have information about every specific trekking destination that are not even found on books. It is easier and time-saving to ask a guide than scrolling through the map, searching for names of mountains at every other rest point.

Guides have information on the local cultures, name of the mountains, and the specialty of the destination. Having information about the destination makes traveling more sensible.

Communication with local people

You can be from any corner of the world trekking through the rough trails of Himalayas. Due to differences in language, it is hard to communicate. Every local people cannot understand English. So, having a guide who can communicate in both English and Local language is a wise decision.

Communicating with local people can be hard sometimes. When there is any kind of disagreements Guide communicates with local people and makes further arrangements.

Booking Accommodation

Are there accommodations available while trekking? Yes, there are accommodations in the trekking routes but only few. It is not always easy to find accommodation on the trekking routes. There are routes where it lacks network connections and accommodations. It is literally impossible to get accommodation without pre-booking.

As guides are aware of the accommodation facilities of the specific areas, they are in charge of booking the accommodation. You can be carefree while trekking if you have a guide.

Safe Company

It is better to have someone to talk to, share your excitement, and share your joy rather than being alone. Hiring a trekking guide provides safe company/buddy to travel with. Guides are good travel buddies who help through every hard day of trek and share every joyful moment.

Living first aid

Every guide has basic first-aid knowledge. Suppose you are trekking and suddenly have a muscle strain. There is no one around. You are alone. What will you do?

Having a guide helps avoid such situations and provides first aid. In a steep and rocky trail you are not used to, you can come through such a situation any time of the trek. Having a trekking guide guides you through these rough trails.

Diet plan

Lots of trekkers cannot complete the trekking in high altitudes. What is the reason? The major reason is food poisoning. Most of the trekker gets food poisoning due to lack of diet knowledge for mountains.

There are specific foods to avoid and consume while trekking. Guides are fully aware of the foods to avoid and consume while trekking. It is better to hire one to trek in high altitudes.

How to hire a trekking guide in Nepal?

A Trekking Guide is key to your journey, so hire a trekking guide from Reliable Tour Trekking Company to value trust and understand your holidays.

Can I trek in Nepal without a guide?

Yes, you can but you can't trekking in Nepal's off-beaten paths without having a trekking Guide.

How much trekking guide cost in Nepal?

English-speaking trekking guides cost USD 25 per day, multi language-speaking guides will be more expensive than English-speaking guides. 


These are the major 8 reasons you should hire a Trekking guide. It is made mandatory to hire them for your own safety and security reasons.

Many tourist have got fatal injuries, lost their way, and have never returned. It is due to a lack of knowledge and carelessness. Hiring a guide can avoid risks while traveling and make your traveling experience more entertaining.

Have safe travel in Nepal! We provide an experienced guide and ensure your safety. If you have any inquiries for a tailor-made trip feel free to contact us.

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