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If you are expecting Manaslu trek to be all fun and games, wait until the real trek begins!

Trekking is counted as an adventure activity for a reason. Before knowing the difficulty let’s discuss, why is it difficult.

One of the reasons for its difficulty includes its high altitude. It creates chances of getting altitude sickness while trekking.

Manaslu is less travelled and has steep and rocky trails in contrast to other commercial routes. And do you know what the good side of it is? You can enjoy less polluted surroundings and observe the raw beauty of nature.

Always keep it in mind before the trek, physical and mental preparedness is a must. Be mentally prepared that there are homely tea houses but not facilities. If you are willing to trek Manaslu, be ready to sweat, be ready to roll on those rocks, and adjust.

Trekking usually takes you to remote areas leading to lack of electricity, network connections, internet facilities and continental foods.

Trekking to Manaslu is evaluated as a moderate to challenging trek that involves one of the high mountain passes, Larkya la Pass (5106m). High pass increases the trek difficulty.

There is more to it! Let’s dive into the further realities:

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Manaslu Trek Larke-la Pass

Talking about difficulty, one of the major difficulties during whole trek is the Larke-la Pass with an altitude of (5,106m). There are two reasons for it, one is its steep descent, and the other is its high altitude.

Larke la is one of the reasons why Manaslu Circuit trek is considered moderate to adventure. Manaslu trek route is a good way of escaping the trend and testing your limits.

Accommodation facility 

Do you wish to travel to Nepal soon? What to remember the most while trekking in Nepal? Are there any accommodation facilities in Manaslu trek? What are accommodations like in Manaslu?

While trekking to Nepal, always remember that trekking is not a luxury sport. Only basic accommodations and food are available during the trek.

Lack of accommodation services is another difficulty you face during the trek.

There are only Simple tea houses available. And do note that Dharamsala has very few accommodations among all the stops. Provided facilities are bare minimum. Do pre-book!

Note: Only way to avoid situations like no lodgings available; consult your guide beforehand to reserve the room.

manaslu trek difficulty

Manaslu Trekking High Altitude

What if I tell you structures of trails are not only difficulty Manaslu trek brings?

Altitude during Manaslu trek rises from a minimum of 890m to 5106m. There is a battle between the trekker and high altitude every day. It is mandatory to consult with the guide if you have any discomfort during the trek.

Macchakhola to Namrung, first three days the altitude rises from 890m to 2630m. You are safe from high altitude these days.

Welcome to high altitude zone!

From: Namrung (2630m) to Samagaun (3520m)

Altitude gain: 890m

Today, we are exposed to altitudes higher than 2600m the whole day. Do you know what it means? You have reached high altitude. Underestimating high altitude is the last thing you want to do.

From: Samagaun (3520m) to Larke la pass (5106m)

Altitude gain: 1586m

For more than 3 days with one acclimatization day at Samagaun, you are continuously at a high altitude zone. Lack of knowledge in altitude sickness and carelessness is the major reason of fatal cases while trekking in Nepal.

As, the days are filled with less oxygen make sure to drink lots of water and walk slowly!

There are more ways you can avoid being attacked by altitude sickness

manaslu trek difficulty

Mountain Weather

Have you heard? Mountains are their own creators of weather.

So, you can never measure or predict it. As global warming is challenging us more, the weather has become unpredictable than ever. Weather plays vital role on how much you will get to see!

Clear weather takes you to clear visibility. Whereas, cloudy, misty weather takes you to the unclear visibility of the mountains.

We cannot predict weather but we can minimize the risk. Check out Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather and Temperatures blog for more Month-wise information.

Reality of Manaslu trek during off-seasons

Off-season for the Manaslu trek is summer and winter.

While, during winter the temperature drops to the freezing level. Trails are closed and further trek from Samagaun is not available because Larke-la is too difficult to pass.

Whereas, during summer lower part of Manaslu region has rock falls. But with extra care it is possible to complete the trek during summer too.

manaslu trek difficulty

 Network Connections

Some areas in the Manaslu trekking tail lack communication facilities which is normal.

Ncell SIM is not supported in many places so, taking Ntc SIM during the trek is a wise decision.

And even if you have a Nepal Telecom SIM, from Samagaun to Bimtang there is no network availability for both SIM. Make sure you connect with people before starting the trek from Samagaun.

Truth of Manaslu Trek During Peak Season

Major discomfort during the seasons in Manaslu trek is limited accommodation. Even though the routes are not as crowded as the conventional trekking routes, the accommodations are still limited.

Pre-booking for the accommodations is necessary for a comfortable trekking experience. Without pre-booking, you need to adjust the services with others and compromise.

manaslu trek difficulty

Manaslu Trek Distance

Do you know why it is called trekking? You walk for long hours and connect with nature while you stay at different locations far from your bustled lives, and cities.

Day 1 : Macchakhola to Jagat

Distance: 24.2 km

Hours: 6 to 7 hrs

Day 2 : Jagat to Deng

Distance: 22.5 km

Hours: 7 to 8 hrs

Day 3 : Deng to Namrung

Distance: 19.5 km

Hours: 7 to 8 hrs

Day 4 : Namrung to Samagaun

Distance: 17.7 km

Hours: 6 hrs

Day 5 : Samagaun to Pungyen

Distance: around 12 to 14 km

Hours: 5 to 7 hrs

Day 6 : Sama to Samdo 

Distance: 8.2 km

Hours: 3 to 4 hrs

Day 7 : Samdo to Larke Phedi

Distance: 11.7 km

Hours: 4 to 5 hrs

Day 8: Larke Phedi to Bhimtang

Distance: 24.7 km

Hours: 8 to 9 hrs

Day 9 : Bimtang to Tilije 

Distance: 26 km

Hours: 5 to 6 hrs

Day 10 : Tilije to Tal

Distance: 17.7 km

Hours: 4 to 5 hrs

Day 11: Tal to Syage

Distance: 14.5 km

Hours: 4 to 5 hrs

Note: We have listed the distance covered and walking hours of every trekking day, whether it is short or long for your own extra information. Every person has their own limits of walking hours. It determines on your habit of Hiking and fitness level.

manaslu trek difficulty

Steep and Rocky  Hiking Trail

It is an adventurous and challenging Trek after all!

Manaslu trek is off the beaten trek and has very rugged and steep trails. The trek starts gradient to uphill and downhills with some narrow trails. It is difficult for the beginner to trek in those tough trails.

The challenging part of the trek is descent from Larke-la Pass (5106m) due to steep trail.

Note: Daily exercises, hikes, and yoga are helpful warm-ups for the actual trek.

Manaslu Trek Best Tips

To minimize your Manaslu Trek Difficulty, we have listed some of the tips that are beneficial for you.

  • Be mentally, and physically aware and prepared for the trek
  • Stay hydrated during the whole trek to avoid dehydration and high-altitude
  • Proper trekking shoes for the steep and rocky trail
  • Always pre-book the accommodation
  • Have a proper diet plan to avoid food poisoning
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen, and buff to protect your face and skin
  • Carry an NTC SIM card
  • Pack your bags lightly
  • Stay with guide
  • Avoid the edge while walking
  • Descent if any altitude sickness symptoms are seen
  • Take your guide's suggestion

manaslu trek difficulty


Anyone who is determined to trek Manaslu found this blog and completed it, Congratulations! These are the major tough realities of Manaslu trek difficulty. Dedicated to enthusiastic trekkers Ace Vision Treks is happy to help you!

Trekking in the Himalayas is difficult and uncomfortable but then the experience and captures you get are unmeasurable!

It is difficult only because it is beautiful!

We also do bookings, you can directly contact us for more information.

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