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Nepal is a paradise for white water rafting with wild rivers flowing alongside the stretches of silver sandy beaches surrounded by glorious mountains, hills, and jungles. These sparkling rivers in Nepal descend from the Himalayas with high-speed rapids providing the ultimate thrill of rafting. Along with a sense of immense glory, the rafting adventures in Nepal also allow participants to enjoy their stay amid the local ethnic communities and experience their culture.

There are various types of rivers in Nepal for easy-to-challenge white water rafting. Some of the rivers in Nepal famous for rafting are Sun Koshi, Trishuli, Bhotekoshi, Bheri, Gandaki, and Rapti among a plethora of many others. Along with rafting, you can also enjoy camping on the beach and other activities like cliff jumping, swimming, and canyoning. The best time for rafting in Nepal is from September to early December and from March to early June during which the water is the warmest. October is the ideal month for rafting due to the warm water and high current. Rafting in Nepal is not usually operated during the monsoon season due to extremely high rapid except in some rivers.

Ace Vision Treks offers travelers seeking adventure in Nepal with the rafting adventure in sublime Himalayan Rivers. We complement these trips with experienced and trained professionals to ensure that your adventure does not see any mishaps. Moreover, the guides, transportation, and accommodation on these packages boast excellent quality as well.

Trip Highlights:-

  • Experience stunning landscapes mixed with rapid and exhilarating water currents
  • Indulge in other recreational activities like cliff jumping, swimming, and canyoning
  • Pleasant overnight camping on riverside beaches

Rafting in Trishuli  River:-

Rafting in Trishuli is fun and easy with a moderate water current and some thrilling huge rapids in between. The rapids are big, and bouncy but safe which makes them an ideal destination for beginners. White water rafting in Trishuli is also famous for its beautiful surrounding valleys and extremely impressive gorges in lower parts as it cuts its way through the 2000m high Mahabharata range.

The put-in point for white water Rafting in Trishuli is Charaudi and the put-out point is Gaighat which covers about 38km of river distance and also flows between Pokhara and Kathmandu parallel to the highway for some part. Rafting in Trishuli River allows one to observe diverse cultures, aquatic wildlife, vegetation, and stunning landscapes. The best time for rafting in the Trishuli River is November-December or March-May. However, Rafting in Trishuli can be enjoyed throughout the year. Rafting in Trishuli is most challenging during monsoon season due to extremely high rapids.

Itinerary for Rafting:

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Charaudi | 3-4 Hrs |Overnight Stay

Charaudi, the starting point for rafting, is around a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu. You can either choose to go rafting the same day or the next day. Rafting in Trishuli is pleasant and safe with moderate rapids coupled with occasional high rapids with the picturesque vistas of large hills, gorges, cable cars, and beautiful villages. In addition to rafting, you can also indulge in other recreational activities like cliff jumping and swimming.

Day 02: Drive Back to Kathmandu/Pokhara

After a fun and exhilarating adventure, you reach Gaighat whereon, you will drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara full of exciting memories. You can head to Pokhara to enjoy the natural delights and charm of the city. In Pokhara, you can also extend your trip and indulge in Bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, or treks in the Annapurna region. Kathmandu, however, is the best place for religious and historical tours.  With seven of the ten world heritage sites in the country available for a tour within the valley.

Rafting In Bhotekoshi:-

Bhotekoshi is a beautiful steep mountain river flowing continuously with a high water current. It is one of the steepest and wildest whitewater river rafting destinations in Nepal. The river flowing through magnificent gorges, beautiful lush hills, and villages also offers the participants of the rafting adventure to relish the bio-diversity along the riverbanks. The huge rapids during rafting in Bhotekoshi provide you an ultimate adrenaline rush making it an ideal destination for an exhilarating rafting experience in Nepal.

The white water Rafting in Bhotekoshi is intense with extremely huge rapids in grades 4-5 making it one of the most exciting and challenging rivers for rafting. Short rafting in Bhotekoshi River starts from Sukute and ends in Dolalghat. Bhotekoshi River runs alongside Araniko Highway so, it is easily accessible from Kathmandu. The best season for white water rafting in Bhotekoshi is October to November and March to May. Rafting in Bhotekoshi is not operated during monsoon since the river receives a large volume of high rapids.


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Sukute | 2-3 Hrs |Overnight Stay

On the first day, you will drive from Kathmandu to Sukute and enjoy the stunning landscapes with the cool river flowing by its side. Upon reaching the Bhotekoshi river beach in the Sukute village.  You can also indulge in other games like beach volleyball, badminton, etc. Exploration of the Sukute village is a viable option as well.

Day 02: Do Rafting for 3-4 Hours, Drive Back to Kathmandu

The next day you will indulge in enthralling rafting in the Bhotekoshi River through incredible gorges and majestic hills. The put-out point for rafting is Dolalghat Bazaar and from here you will return to Kathmandu. On the route to Kathmandu, you will witness beautiful landscapes and the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world at Sanga. Upon reaching your hotel, you can rest and make further plans to explore Nepal.

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