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Nepal is a small country providing shelter for 142 ethnic groups speaking 123 different languages. As you can imagine with these number of ethnic groups, Nepal is very rich in cultures and traditions. From Buddha of Terai to Everest of Himalayas, highest lake to highest mountain pass, Nepal offers beyond its size.

Recently, even popular news source New York Times included, Mustang of Nepal in top 52 place to travel in 2024. Nepal has continuously being able to rise its name in international tourism market with its richness in natural beauty.

Its popularity comes from stunning natural vistas, hospitable people, fantastic monuments and spectacular mountains. You might also know Nepal as a country of Himalayas famous for trekking and mountaineering activities.

Nepal is rich in natural vegetation and has unique geography attracting tourist each year. It is like treasure hunting in the ancient dungeon.

Let’s, explore Nepal in an interesting and fun way!

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Adventure Outdoor Activities

The thrill you get while performing adventure activities are just awesome! There are many adventurers that wishes for adventure every other day. Roaming around the world and engaging in different sorts of activities is another adventure.

You might not know what tomorrow is going to bring, so live your life today and explore. Win against your fear! Some of the popular activities Nepal has to offer are given below.

Trekking and Mountaineering

Can you believe it? Among 14 of 8000 m peaks in the world, 8 of them are just located in Nepal. Nepal is a real-life paradise for trekkers and mountaineers. In such a small country lies beautiful collection of the tallest mountains in the world.

Trekking and mountaineering come first when we talk about adventure activities in Nepal. These activities are highly performed in Autumn and spring seasons as it provides suitable weather conditions for traveling to the mountains.

Mountain flight

Thrilling mountain flights with scenic views are available in Nepal. Most popular and highly demanded mountain flight is to the Everest base camp.

Stunning views of Everest (8848.86m), Cho Oyu (8188m), Lhotse (8414m), and Ama Dablam (6856m) are visible. Other remarkable mountains are also observable making the scenic flight more memorable.

Peak Climbing

Around the great mountains, there are many small peaks available for climbing. Peak climbing is majorly done for the pre-preparation of mountain climbing and Some of them are done for adventurous experiences.

There are variety of options for peak climbing as well. Some of them are island peak climbing, Mera peak climbing, Chulu west, and Lobuche east peak climbing, and many others.

River rafting

Rafting is a popular adventure sport among both domestic and international tourists in Nepal. Famous white river rafting in Nepal includes Trisuli white river rafting and Bhotekoshi white river rafting.

Trisuli is suitable for both the beginner rafter and experienced ones. It is the most popular river rafting in Nepal giving beginner-friendly friendly with thrilling adventure. Whereas, Bhotekoshi white river rafting is challenging with huge rapids of grades 4-5.

Bungee jumping

Where can you find cheaper bungee jumping around the world? You can find cheaper bungee jumps in Nepal along with the World’s 2nd highest bungee jump, Kushma Bungee jump. It exists on the edge of two beautiful districts of Nepal, Parbat, and Baglung.

I have been there and the scenery was heart-racking. The height of 228m above the deepest gorge Kali Gandhaki is just astonishing to witness. With forceful wind, long suspension bridge, bustling sound of the river, Amazing panoramic view was great to experience. Just thinking of being able to jump and conquer the inner fear got me excited even more.

why visit nepal

Celebrate Colorful Festivals

Nepal is also known as festive country with more than 50 festivals. Every part of Nepal celebrates different festivals according to their own place of settlement.

We have heard lots of festivals celebrated in hilly and terai regions, but less people have heard about the festivals of Nepal. Even the mountain festivals are very well-rooted and beautifully preserved.

The festivals are colorful and vibrant. Beliefs of the mountain peoples are tied to their mountain gods of bodhisattvas. Some of the important and unique festivals performed in Himalayas are given below in short.

Mani Rhimdu

Mani Rhimdu is a 19-day festival in Everest region. If you are lucky enough and traveling to Everest in autumn, you can participate in the festival. It is the largest gathering held by Khumbu people.

This festival is held in the Tengboche monastery in Everest region. Lots of masked dances and continuous chants of mantras are performed. Monks are dressed in unique traditional dresses and perform different dramas and dances.


Tiji is a three-day festival dedicated to world peace. The Festival of Tiji is celebrated in Lo Manthang popularly known as the ancient kingdom.

The festival takes place in May. As it is celebrated in autumn, traveling to upper Mustang during this specific period can be more fruitful to travelers.

Shey Festival

Shey festival is celebrated during August in beautiful Upper Dolpa region. It is performed every 12 years in gompa like Tsankang gompa, and Shey Gompa.

Shey Festival denotes good overpowering evil. It is a unique festival celebrated under the supervision of Crystal Mountain.

Badhe Festival

Badhe is celebrated once every 3 years on the 1st day of 10th month according to Tibetan calendar. It is celebrated in Manang and Mustang districts of Nepal.

Everest Marathon

Everest Marathon is held on May 29 in remembrance of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent. Witness many enthusiastic events and gathering events during the marathon.

Gyalpo Lhosar

Gyalpo Lhosar is mostly celebrated in Everest by the local Sherpa. It is celebrated as New Year festival of Sherpa. Gyalpo Lhosar is celebrated by drinking traditional liquor (chyang), dancing, singing, gathering, and having food together.

This festival is one of the important festivals for Sherpas for family gatherings. Gyalpo Lhosar is celebrated every year in Nepal.

It is mesmerizing to see the Himalayan culture and festivals in those high settlements. Far from the colorful festivals celebrated in dense and bustled cities, there are other festivals too. Himalayan festivals are solely connected with the mountains and Buddhism.

If you want to participate in these festivals while trekking we can offer you suitable time with packages anytime. Make sure you have enough information and don’t miss out on any wonderful opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact us!

why visit nepal

Mount Everest Country

Want to see what the highest part of the world looks like? Mount Everest, as grand as it sounds, it is world’s highest mountain with a height of 8848.86m. It is located in Mahalangur range of the great Himalayas in Solukhumbu district of Nepal.

As blessed by Everest itself, every kind of trekking and mountaineering from beginner-friendly to extremely challenging mountain activities is available in Nepal. Though Everest trekking and expedition is most popular amongst trekkers worldwide.

Feel alive, recreate memories, change your way of thinking, and get timeless memories with mountains. It is one of the best way to challenge yourself and get rid of the fear as a mountaineer and adventurer.

One of the best trekking packages on Everest region is Everest Base Camp trek. Many other treks include Gokyo Valley, Tengboche, Heli Trek, Gokyo Ri, Three Pass, and Panorama Trek.

why visit nepal

Bird and Butterfly Watching

There are more than 600 butterfly species and more than 900 bird species found in Nepal. Do you have any knowledge of butterflies and birds? If yes, then that’s great, and if not that is also great. Because to appreciate the beauty of nature you don’t always need knowledge about every specific thing. You just have to notice little things around you.

When you start noticing your surroundings, traveling becomes more fun and the experience gets more beautiful. Peek into the different colored and differently shaped wings of butterflies and their little dances while wandering. Listen to the chirping of birds blending with the humming of woods.

You may have never been interested in birds or butterflies but I promise it only brings peace to the heart. There are many short treks, day hikes, and treks that can be done along with bird and butterfly watching.

Butterfly watching and bird watching are popular amongst the tourist in Nepal. Different kinds of butterflies and birds are spotted on every hiking trail around Nepal.

As well as, if you want to perform long treks with it, Everest region is also Shelter for more than 200 bird species. So you can perform your adventure trek in Everest and also perform bird watching. Bird watching in Himalayas are more thrilling and exciting. It is even possible to spot rare kinds of them.

There are different hiking trails in Kathmandu like Changunarayan hiking, Nagarjun jamacho hiking and Sivapuri Nature hiking.

why visit nepal

To explore Lumbini, Birth Place of Buddha

Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal located in Southern part of Nepal, Rupandehi district. Thus, it is considered one of the 4 holy places of Buddhism which should be visited once in a lifetime.

Not only Buddhists, but every person from every corner of the world comes to visit here every year. Lumbini devours lots of beautifully carved Buddhist monuments and artifacts. The place is real evidence of Buddha’s pre-existence.

Lumbini, listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites holds religious significance for Buddhists. We provide a Buddhist pilgrimage tour that includes Lumbini with other Buddhist religious sights.

why visit nepal

Mystery box, realm of Secrets

Nepal is a small mystery box, realm of secrets that most people are unaware of. Even the people living in Nepal are unaware of the secrets.

Do you believe in myths? Do you love exploring mysteries? Each and every part of this country from people to places, from temples to Himalayas there are thousands of myths. There are thousands of exciting unheard stories.

Ancient art and sculpture are the only remaining evidence, so unravel on the journey to Nepal before it gets vanish!

Have you ever heard about Yeti? It is one of the popular urban legend of Nepal. Name of Yeti dates back more than 100s of years which is said to live in the high altitudes. Nepal covers with 15% of the Himalayas with many sighting reports of yeti, yet to be proven by science.

Since, Nepal is one of the oldest countries, it hides many untold secrets. Nepal has temples dating more than 3000 years like, Changu Narayan temple. It holds strong religious beliefs of Nepali people with many myths surrounding the temple.

To unwrap a glimpse of ancient art of Nepal, Changu Narayan hiking is the best place to go for a day hike.

Have you ever heard about Yeti? It is one of the popular urban legends of Nepal. The name of Yeti dates back more than 100s of years it is said to live in high altitudes. Nepal covers with 15% of the Himalayas with many sighting reports of yeti, yet to be proven by science.

Since Nepal is one of the oldest countries, it hides many untold secrets. Nepal has temples dating more than 3000 years like, Changu Narayan temple. It holds strong religious beliefs of Nepali people with many myths surrounding the temple.

To unwrap a glimpse of the ancient art of Nepal, Changu Narayan day hiking is best place to go for a day hike.

why visit nepal

Nepali Food and Beverage

Do you know what else makes Nepal special? It’s a variety of Nepali foods and beverages. Just like Nepal is rich in culture and traditions it is rich in local Nepali cuisine. From Terai region to Himalaya region, from Hindu to Buddhist they have their own variation of foods.

Especially for the people speaking food languages should visit Nepal at least once. Every Nepali food is rooted to one’s tradition. Enjoy food along with the traditional stories behind it.

National food of Nepal is Dal Bhat which is every Nepalese morning rise and evening farewell. Every part of Nepal is served with dal Bhat. Masala tea and milk tea is also popular amongst everyone.

Whereas, In Himalayas, yak cheese is popular which is beneficial for health and is super delicious. Butter tea, Tongba, Chyang are also served as beverage in Nepal.

Nepali foods consist of different ingredients and masala made especially in Nepal. Some of the other local Nepali foods are, Thakali Khana, Newari khaja set, Ju Ju Dhau, Gundruk, Sel Roti, and Aalu.

why visit nepal

Nepal is the only Country with

Nepal is the only country that has a living goddess, named Kumari which means princess in Sanskrit. As the country is rich in mythology there are various myths and reasons behind the living goddess. Selected girl must be a virgin and has not reached her menstruation period.

Living goddess is said to be possessed by the Taleju goddess herself. It is one of the unique traditions only done in Nepal. 32 qualities are checked in the selection process of Kumari. Would you like to see a living goddess once in a lifetime? Then visit Nepal to get blessing of a real goddess.

Diamond in the price of gold

Ever heard diamond in a price of gold? Not really. This country provides perfect diamonds with a value of gold. Compared to the tourism-developed countries, Nepal is cheaper but with more unique offerings.

Explore the thrilling adventures in Nepal with its unique structure and charm. Nepal offers lots of long and short treks, day tours, and adventurous activities that surprise your mind.

Kathmandu day tour is one of the most famous city tours you can do including some of the famous places. Visit Kathmandu durbar square, Pashupatinath, bouddhanath and Swayambhunath temple.

Trekking is the most famous adventure activity in Nepal. As it is a country of Himalayas best way to enjoy in Nepal is trekking. Some of the famous trekking destinations are Manaslu circuit trek, Everest base camp trek, and Upper Mustang Trek.

We provide best prices for tours and trekking, Contact us anytime for adventure outdoor activities booking.

why visit nepal


Nepal is perfect for anyone who loves exploring and loves adventures. It is a beautiful small country rich in cultures and is surrounded by great Himalayas.  The birthplace of Buddha, and brave Gurkhas, is Nepal.

Grab the exciting offers to travel of the mountains. You can contact us anytime for further support!

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